Quality policy

Ensuring safety of cargo as well as reliable, competitive and timely deliveries are the core priorities in our company's quality policy. When accepting a carriage order, we assume full responsibility for the cargo from receipt until delivery. All transport companies hold carrier civil liability insurance.  Our staff members keep monitoring orders being executed staying in touch with the carrier and the Customer.  Quality safety of the carried goods is guaranteed with the appropriate means of transportation and adherence to hygienic and sanitary requirements which is confirmed with the GMP B4.1 procedure implemented in transport companies. 

By performing periodic audits in transport companies, combined with training, we keep developing the awareness of our service providers.  In order to serve our Customers’ needs better, we keep improving our staff qualifications and implement modern forms of company management relying on ISO 9001-2000. In December 2006 we were certified for GMP B4.1. (application number PDV 111420)


Environmental policy

Employees of Agro Brokers Transport and the cooperating transportation companies are aware of their responsibility for the natural environment.

Our purpose: 

“In our daily relations with customers, we act so that we can protect the natural environment as much as possible.  In logistics operations, we use innovative modern means of transportation, and we endeavour to optimise the transport services of bulk materials."

Our natural environment management system focuses on continuous improvement of our activity with respect to environmental protection. 

Our efforts produce tangible effects such as reduced consumption of fuels and energy converted per one ton/km of carried cargo as a result of our efforts to reduce the empty mileage ratio.


  1. Restrictive compliance with the levels of fuel emissions and as low as possible fuel consumption related to the provided transportation services.
  2. Reduction of noise levels.
  3. Reduction of consumption of energy, raw materials and other materials by applying modern energy-saving solutions.
  4. Intensified social ecological business responsibility.


  1. Requirements concerning ecological safety of our carriers’ means of transportation.
  • Use of low-emission vehicles:  Euro 5 or Euro 6;
  • Regular inspections of the technical condition of vehicles.
  • Use of light semi-trailers made of aluminium – 10% more goods can be carried in a single trip.
  1. Detailed preparation of work plans for each vehicle by the dedicated forwarder one week in advance, with special focus on reducing empty mileage.  
  2. Shortened time of cargo carriage as a result of rationalising logistics decisions.
  3. Pursuance of a policy of full-truck load carriage with the maximum use of the loading capacity of means of transportation.
  4. Use of modern ecological solutions for mixed carriage - by road and railway, by road and water.
  5. Improved driving skills of drivers to ensure more economical rides and reduced fuel consumption per 100 km. 
  6. Strict compliance by the company and its cooperating sub-contractors with all applicable laws and regulations concerning environmental protection.  Thinking about the future, the company has been reducing waste generation and emissions to an absolute minimum.
  1. Control of consumption of natural resources in our daily business:
  • Economical consumption of water and energy;
  • Economical consumption of paper; 
  • Waste segregation.
  1.  Availability of information on the company's business to employees and transportation companies that is important in the context of the environment. 

This Environmental Policy is known by all employees, it has been implemented and is monitored and it is made available to all the interested parties.