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“We strive for excellence assuming responsibility for what we do.” V

Professional transport of bulk goods

We have been present in the market since 1996. Over the years, the company's business profile and composition have been changing.  Since the beginning, we have been active brokers in the market of agri products.  In 2000 we decided to develop towards the logistics and transport of agricultural produce, leaving the trading market to our existing Customers. 

Throughout the existence of our business, we have been following the slogan that we invented at one of the first transport conferences organised by us: 

“We strive for excellence assuming responsibility for what we do.” 

Originally, we were pursing our transport operations in Poland and Poland’s entry to the European Union in 2004 opened new opportunities for us.  Nowadays 80 % of our cargo is cross-border cargo carriage in the EU. 

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Transport and forwarding services

We are not a forwarder looking for opportunities to sell Customers’ cargo at transport exchanges.  We are a group of 40 carriers, we have 120 vehicles, and we carry cargo with our own resources.  All the vehicles are combined with one mobile IT system facilitating communication between forwarders and drivers, on-line dispatch of transport and storage documents and monitoring cargo in transit.

Each driver has a dedicated forwarder who drafts weekly work plans adjusting them to loading and unloading times and the time potential as specified in the ATR regulations. 

Complying with our environmental policies, we try our best to limit “empty kilometres”. It is our objective to limit empty trips to 20 % of all travelled kilometres. Our fleet is composed of Euro 5 and Euro 6 vehicles, complying with the most stringent emission standards.

Transport of aggregate

Transport of bulk materials in Poland and the European Union is a pillar of our extensive offer.

We are specialised in carrying bulk products.  Our vehicles are solely tipper semi-trailers.  The vehicles are suited to carry such cargo as agricultural produce, fertilisers, fodder component, coal, stone, gravel, sand, etc. All vehicles are GMP and QS certified.

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Grain handling at railway sidings

In order to satisfy our Customers’ economic and environmental needs, in 2016 we set up a mixed transport department: road transport + railway transport. In the department, we provide loading and unloading services of grains, rape seed and corn from or onto railway cars.  We arrange local road transport, trans-loading of cargo at railway sidings and railway transport to the destination.  We are also able to transport goods on railway cars to a local railway station, unload the cargo onto trucks and carry it with the trucks to the destination.

If you are interested in our services, please contact us at or by phone: (+48) 71 360 4070.

Grain handling at railway sidings

Environmental policy


In our daily relations with customers, we act so that we can protect the natural environment as much as possible.  In logistics operations, we use innovative modern means of transportation, and we endeavour to optimise the transport services of bulk materials.

Our natural environment management system focuses on continuous improvement of our activity with respect to environmental protection. 

Our efforts produce tangible effects such as:

  • reduced consumption of fuels converted per one ton/km of carried cargo
  • reduced consumption of energy converted per one ton/km of carried cargo

as a result of our efforts to reduce the "empty mileage ratio".